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 Plastic Surgery As Art

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PostSubject: Plastic Surgery As Art   Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:48 am


Some excerpts:

  • A woman who befriended me near the tummy tuck and boob job display said
    of the tucking and boobing surgeon, “He likes to cut up women.” There
    was a cut up quality to his choices of pictures- all headless and
    legless torsos, each with a scar that looked like the curve of a valley
    on a far horizon stretching between their hips, where the pouches they
    had carried their children in had been cut away. When he made his women
    into art, he made it so they had no heads to think or express, or legs
    to run. But he clearly made his women as Perfected as he could, as his
    canvas would allow. He made saggy breasts cartoonish in their
    constructed opposition to gravity, and pulled the skin back from their
    belly buttons aggressively. It reminded me of Hello Kitty, iconically
    and algorithmically pleasing, and mouthless.

  • I also found myself shopping. No matter how you feel about your body,
    you start remaking it a bit looking at this kind of surgery photography.
    It’s a little like how you begin to mentally redecorate your house when
    reading a certain type of magazine. You just do.

  • I can say for sure, despite the criticisms of team imPerfect, the
    Surgically Perfected Woman were not spineless and compliant creatures.
    They strutted, proud of what they were, showing off the breasts and lips
    doctors had created for them with no shame. And it made sense, why work
    so hard on your appearance only to be ashamed? I could admire them as
    having taken a stand to inhabit a cultural norm with as much fury and
    conscious determination as the extreme modders with their facial
    tattoos, horns, and metal studs had taken their stand to reject it.

What was your stance on plastic surgery prior to this article? Has anything changed after reading it?
Would you ever? Where/why?
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Plastic Surgery As Art
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